Ephedra Vulgaris or Ephedra Sinica belonging to Ephedraceae Family

Ephedra Herb (Ma Huang)

Common Names
Ephedra, Ephedrine, Evulgaris, Somlatha, Ma huang in Chinese, Mahuang, Mahung, Ephedrae Herba, Chinese Ephedra, Mormon Tea, Pinyin, Somakalpa, Pakistani Ephedra, Chinese Ephedra, American Ephedra, Europoean Ephedra, etc.
Ephedra is a perennial plant that stands on average of one foot high, but may grow up to four feet. It is a small and evergreen shrub with upright or sprawling stems and tiny unnoticeable leaves. The dried stems and aerial parts are usually used.
Ephedra is the World’s oldest herb used in Chinese Medicines. Its main active medical ingredients are the alkaloid called ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. It is a natural remedy for various kinds of illnesses such as acute muscular and bronchial asthma, cold, nasal congestion, allergies and fever. It is also used as a headache reliever. Around the globe ephedra is considered to be one of the best medicine for weight loss (for its thermogenic fat burning properties), as an energy booster and to enhance athletic performance.
01 - Ephedra Whole
02 - Ephedra Cut Pieces


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